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Dive Sites on Mulroy Drive

The Broadwater

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The Narrows

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The Northwater

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First Narrows

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Melmore Head

Most Northerly point of Mulroy bay system. Rock wall with 25 metre depth. Super Chimney cave on the tip of the headland.

55°15.440′ N, 7°47.186′ W

Pollock, Wrasse, Lobsters, Brown Crab, Ling and very occasionally the ugliest fish around, an Angler Fish.

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The Hassons

Just inside the Third Narrows this site is rarely dived, but has a nice gravelly seabed.

55°09.680′ N, 7°42.130′ W

Anemones, Sponges and various Crab species.

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Pan Bay

Mud and fine gravel seabed.

55°09.530′ N, 7°42.279′ W

Juvenile Dogfish observed at this site.

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Pan Rock

One of Sheephaven divers favourite dive sites. It ranges from shore line to 30 metres and has a mixture of rock wall, large boulders, mud and gravel substrates.

55°09.236′ N, 7°41.744′ W

A diverse marine ecosystem, including significant shellfish species, Leopard Gobies, Long Spined Scorpion Fish, Pipefish and Thornback Rays.

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Cranford Pier

A dive with 3 sunken wrecks in close proximity to each other and the shore.

55°08.874′ N, 7°41.730′ W

Marine life is limited but great to get access to wrecks in water no deeper than 12 metres.

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Campbell's Bed

Another of Sheephaven Divers favourite dive site, particuraly in the winter. The reef that makes up this site is hundreds of metres long and depths range from 2 metres below the surface to nearly 30 metres at its deepest.

55°09.275′ N, 7°40.735′ W

A diverse marine ecosystem but the most memorable was the when this site has yield up a very rare sighting of an Albino Pipefish. In the summer evenings Otters have been known to join the divers for a dip.

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Mucross Channel

The channel between Broadwater and North Water Bays and has a number of interesting dive sites on a mainly gravel seabed.

55°10.777′ N, 7°42.087′ W

This area is the home of Flame Shell Mussel, a sensitive species indicating the pristine quality of the water throughout the Mulroy Bay system.

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Stockan Rock

The deepest spot on the Mulroy Bay system at over 50 metres deep as a suitably qualified diver follows the rock down to the very dark and muddy seabed.

55°12.633′ N, 7°42.164′ W

Good marine life in the upper reaches of the site but nothing to see after 20 metres.

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Another favourite Sheephaven dive, normally conducted as a shore dive and only with the consent of landowners. The initial rock wall gives way to a muddy seabed at 20 metres.

55°12.520′ N, 7°42.036′ W

Full of marine life, especially Gobies and Blennies.

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Ravenny Point

Sheltered bay inside the navigation marker makes for good alternative if Melmore Head too rough. Maximum depth 15 metres, with sandy seabed.

55°15.100′ N, 7°46.775′ W

Site has yielded some good examples of Sea Hares in the Spring.

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Cannons of Ballywhoriskey Point

Only accessible on the very best of weather.

55°15.344′ N, 7°45.142′ W

Albino Pipefish

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First Narrows

Possibly one of the best dives in Mulroy Bay. Reef dive that quickly becomes a roller coaster drift dive. The rock gives way to sand and cobble and eventually Maerl further up towards Mevagh. Pristine waters.

55°13.134′ N, 7°47.929′ W

A wide variety of Kelps, Sponges, Anemones, Hornwrack, Hydroids, Nudibracks, Butterfish, Bib, ocassional Pollock Sholas, Conger Eels and shell fish. Maerl is an indicator of good quality marine habitats.

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Knox's Hole

A 20 metre hole that has been dived as a drift dive when the First Narrows is running too fast. Another roller coaster ride.

55°12.819′ N, 7°48.357′ W

Primarily Maerl but evidence of a variety of shellfish, judging by the amount of dead shells littering the seabed.

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Glinsik & Leathmore Jetty

If weather conditions allows for diving this site is a good alternative when the winter storms have blown everything else out.  A good clean sandy seabed is ideal for diving. Permission form the Fish Farm operators is a prerequisite for diving this site.

54°12.120′ N, 7°46.787′ W

Most interesting marine species here are a number of big Conger Eels and loads of crabs.

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Mulroy Bridge & Second Narrows

A really interesting dive under the bridge as the pillars provides a unique maritime ecosystem, while the tidal currents make for an exciting drift dive.

55°11.374′ N, 7°45.713′ W

The sea bed is Maerl, with a collection of larger rocks. Marine life includes Kelps, Sponges, Anemones, Hydroids, various shellfish species, Butterfish, Blennies and Gobies.

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